About Us

Imagem Representativa da Marca

  Our trademark, was born from the desire to create products with which we identify and the pleasure and satisfaction that the process gives us. And mainly, to be able to share it through our virtual shop.

This project already had some years, and was waiting for the right time to come true, the lack of work combined with the immense amount of time available due to the "Covid 19", made it start.

"JANELA D'ALMA", was the name chosen and its representative image of a typical Portuguese window.


The Selection of Raw Materials

We have been warned countless times that our planet has many sustainability problems. However, despite all the warnings that the scientific community has been making, very little has been done. Therefore, we thought that the choice of the materials we would work with could be our "small" contribution to this environmental issue. We decided that the materials should be as sustainable as possible, i.e. environmentally friendly. At the same time, we would like them to have strong roots in our Portuguese culture.

So, the materials chosen as a base for our products were: CORK and LINEN. They are very noble materials, due to their properties and characteristics:
  • they are 100% vegetable, therefore biodegradable;
  • their cultures do not harm the soils where they are grown or the surrounding environment;
  • after being harvested, they are selected and separated by categories because they are used in several areas, providing a minimum "waste" rate;
  • and are of excellent quality, so they are long-lasting materials.


Tecidos - Linho e Cortiça

Conscious and Responsible Design

The next phase, to continue building our brand identity, was to define embroidery as a fundamental part of the visual element of our products. This is because we have always been true lovers of embroidery, and because it is also strongly rooted in our traditions and culture. In this way, we perpetuate the tradition of our ancestors, which adds even more value to it.
Our creative and productive process is practically all done by hand, with the exception of the final part of the embroidery which is executed by machine. The remaining steps are all manual:
  • the cutting of the fabrics;
  • the elaboration and creation of the design;
  • the creative process of elaborating the embroidery design, which in reality requires many hours of work. In a first phase, in a specific computer program and in a second phase, the testing of the embroidery on the fabric. The latter usually requires several attempts and several adjustments;
  • the product labels with our brand are also embroidered;
  • the confection, which consists of putting together all the parts prepared in the first stage and machine stitching until the final product is completed;
  • and the labels with the recommendations and care to be taken in washing and cleaning them.
The remaining materials, such as cotton fabrics, sewing threads, embroidery threads, lace and others are 100% cotton, which means that they are always of excellent quality.

This way, our main and constant goal is to create a different product, using very distinct and opposite materials, either in textures, colours or patterns. This way we mix tradition and modernity, having nature as our main source of inspiration.