Cork - 100% Natural, 100% Used, 100% Recyclable



Cork is a material of 100% natural plant origin, which is extracted from the cork oak without ever harming the normal functioning of the species and without damaging the tree. The first extraction or stripping is done when the cork oak is about 25 years old, and the process is carried out every 9 years, during which time the cork will regenerate and during this process it will absorb a lot of CO2. Cork oaks live approximately 200 years.




It is a unique material, due to its qualities or characteristics, such as light, waterproof, elastic, compressible, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, slow burning, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, among others, thus offering a very wide range of uses.
It is a 100% reusable raw material, because all the cork extracted from the tree is used, but also 100% recyclable, because even after being transformed it can be recycled and used again.
The cork oak forests, called "montados", are considered biodiversity hotspots, as they can shelter more than a hundred species of plants and 40 species of birds. 


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