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  • Women Black Shoulder Bag Mandala with Cork Base in Natural Color
  • Women Black Shoulder Bag Mandala
  • Women Black Shoulder Bag Mandala - Back
  • Women Black Shoulder Bag Mandala - Handles Details
  • Women Black Shoulder Bag Mandala - Inside pocket and stitched diamond pattern details.
  • Women Black Shoulder Bag Mandala with Cork Base in Medium Blue Color
  • Women Black Shoulder Bag Mandala with Cork Base in Zebra Color
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Janela D'Alma

Women Black Shoulder Bag Mandala with Cork Base

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Cork Color
Perfect for various occasions, a women shoulder bag made in 100% cotton in black colour. It is an excellent choice, due to its high degree of durability. This is because 100% cotton is very resistant, both to washing and ironing. Even with frequent use, it does not lose the characteristics of new fabric and soft touch.
The design of a mandala, on the front of the purse. The embroidery is a circular design composed of concentric geometric shapes. Apart from being very cheerful due to the colours used, it is also very rich. The design is full of shapes, patterns, stitch directions that fit together harmoniously.
The shoulder bag's base made of cork, an abundant raw material in the Mediterranean area. It is a very noble material, as its characteristics and qualities distinguish it from all others. It has an excellent quality and enormous versatility and is applied in the most diverse areas.
In the highlighted image, the colour chosen for the base was the natural colour. But it also has two other colours, green and zebra, which you can choose to personalise the bag.
The handles made of black cotton fabric. With a cork strip sewn in the centre, in the same colour as the one chosen for the base. This way, the design thought out for the handles, besides having the objective of reinforcing an area subject to more use and effort, gives it a bolder style.
Inside, a lining and a pocket in cream coloured cotton fabric, decorated with a stitched diamond pattern in black. The pocket sewn to the lining through a black frame. Which, on one hand, adds more design value to it, but on the other, is a way to reinforce an area naturally subject to more wear and use.
Finally, a magnetic closure at the top of the bag to close it.
For those looking to reduce their environmental footprint, this black shoulder bag in cotton and cork, is a good choice. This is because our products are handmade with 100% natural materials. Thus, resulting in quality products, long lasting which translates into a reduction of natural resources used.
And if you are a nature lover, you can travel inside our collection to get to know all our products.

Dimensions: Length 43cm / Width 4cm / Height 40cm
Handles Size: 47cm
Material: 100% Cotton / Textile cork (vegan leather)
Weight: +/- 399 grams
Hand Wash
Iron at a maximum temperature of 150º
Do not bleach
The washing/cleaning of the cork should only be done with a damp cloth and neutral soap or in specialized laundries
Drying Natural